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Nurturing empathy in children

The power of empathy can never be understated. Empathy enables our inner self to experience the feeling of understanding, connectedness, and warmth, amongst other things. Without empathy we are often reduced to nothing more than carnivorous animals in the hunt for its next meal.

When we become parents, and this is certainly true of myself, we begin to really understand the process of empathy and how it affects us, as well as how our outward self reflects to the inner of another. Through our interactions with our children, we begin to understand the deeper connection between our inner and outer selves, and the inner and outer selves of those very same people who look up to us as some kind of superhero.

Empathy is one of the most important things we can give our children, but what exactly is it?

To put it simply, empathy is the inner ability to feel and understand through another's outer self. it is the powerful ability, or emotion if you will, of being able to focus on what the other person is feeling and needing without judging them for it. We can put ourselves in their position and recognise the feelings and emotions that the other person is going through, as though it were ourselves.

Our sense of care and attention is elevated to a higher level than our natural resting state, and we partake in active listening and feeling of what the other person is describing or displaying outwardly to us. We don’t necessarily have to act, or do anything to give empathy, or to demonstrate our compassionate feeling. We simply need to ensure that we are there and that we understand, if only partially.

Empathy is a difficult feeling to contend with at times, as it alerts us to the pain and suffering that our connected brothers and sisters are going through. It raises our feeling of hardship, and evokes a deep longing for everyone to be okay, even if we are not, within that same present moment.

It can also prove difficult because, in addition to our feeling towards others, we also have to deal with our own feelings and needs, especially as our children need us continuously. We are being taught; trained to a degree, to mask emotion, and suppress our true feelings. Most of us have grown up in a society that frowns upon public displays of emotion. We have allowed ourselves to regress in our spiritual needs and wants, and our desire to feel the pain of others by proxy.

Every emotional experience, in ourselves and in our children, is given so as to allow us to learn, develop, and grow on so many levels.

Unfortunately, the aftermath of such allowance is that most of us now fail to deal with strong, or powerful feelings and emotions. We struggle to comprehend what our inner, outer, and truest self are trying to relay. Every emotional experience, in ourselves and in our children, is given so as to allow us to learn, develop, and grow on so many levels.

We must learn to accept that this is the case and teach our children the same. For a child, learning by doing is a powerful way of accelerating to freedom of thought, feeling, and emotion. We need to remind ourselves that we were once children in the vastness of this world. It is our duty to empathise with their feelings, needs, and wants. If we can do that successfully, then we will have nurtured empathy; a powerful human feeling that allows us to connect with one another on a level just above natural human.

The developing brains of our children brings a strong connection that will last a lifetime. Empathy is so powerful that it allows us to bypass the rush to fixing things, and grants us the true ability to think our way, and feel our way through our emotions.

In a world that seems to be spiralling out of control, and hurtling towards the machinations of the rulers desperation to merge man and machine, we must ensure our children's minds are free from chastity. The chastity I refer to is of course the suppressing of young minds, of free-thinking in our children, and the ability to express their emotions as per our given human remit.

Power to you and yours. We are the change the world needs, and through legacy, we can provide a better human life cycle for everyone who returns.

With Love,

Stephen Purdon


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