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Mecka has some of the world's greatest engineers at its disposal. These engineers have worked over decades to deliver us to the destination we now find ourselves. That destination is glorious indeed. Our engineers understand the premise of what we face as a human race. By working for us; they are working for themselves.

Humanity must prevail, for shall it fail, then we will perish with it. Mecka is more advanced than even the greatest army in human history. Our technology, our soldiers, our space fleet, aircraft, weapons, and armours are second to none. We have built ourselves up from the ground without government interference, or shadow government input.

We are responsible for our own destiny, for our own choices, and for the safety of humankind. We will accomplish our goals, with, or without the aid of the governments of the world. They tie themselves up in meaningless bureaucracy, forfeiting the right to mobilise quickly and efficiently.

What we are faced with in the very near future requires preparation, fastidious decision-making, and collective understanding, with regards to strategy. The armies of the world lack this. They rise and fall, depending purely on numbers to resolve many of the conflicts they create themselves. We could do without them, if truth be told.

We at Mecka have a solution. That Mecka-Tek. A subsidiary of Mecka itself, a part of it, if you will. Mecka-Tek is best described as a massive mainframe, a super computer that is interlinked to millions of machines all over the world. A system, that is connected to thousands of soldiers, tanks, aircraft and spaceships.

This is a system that communicates in real-time, in seconds, with each and every unit that is connected to the Mainframe. Imagine it as a telepathic connection between everything that leaves our manufacturing arm.

One central hub controls the masses of our creation, and in our greatest time of need, it is this system that will save us, either from those outwith our world, or, the enemy within.

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