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Mecka Soldiers

The Trenz Huelsbeck company have been manufacturing artificial intelligence units for decades. At present, these machines are in their third generation and are at their most life-like.

After several unsuccessful meetings between Mecka and Trenz Huelsbeck, we finally made the breakthrough, in agreeing to a long-term strategic partnership that allows us to purchase all returned Gen 2 models, defunct models, and those deemed unfit for purpose.

At Mecka, we repurpose, reprogram, and redevelop these gen 2 models with our own patented Mecka-Tek technology. Our engineers have turned a defunct pollutant into a multi-purpose killing machine, that will ensure humanity has a fighting chance against any extra-terrestrial and terrestrial threats to our existence.

Our Mecka Soldiers, as we refer to them, do not require food or sleep. They have no vulnerability to biochemical warfare, standard bullets, or armour-piercing bullets, illness or radiation, nor are they affected by extreme heat, or extreme cold. We have designed them to be as persistent as we possibly could, and no expense was spared in their creation.

The number one job of a Mecka soldier is to protect humanity, and to protect Mecka. The artificial intelligence of our Mecka soldiers is such that, they are programmed to think, organise, plan, understand , and compute. Unlike humans, our machines are connected to one another and the weaponry that is made available to them. All Mecka soldiers are linked to Mecka HQ, where behind the scenes data and analysis is run more accurately than any other system in place on Earth, be it banking, stocks, data collation, and more.

Mecka soldiers are continually being upgraded with newer technology as it is developed, however what they possess already is a wonder to modern robotics and science. They are the pinnacle of our work here at Mecka. Each of our Mecka soldiers contain neurological implants that function alongside the various processors, and drives that allow data storage.

All Mecka soldiers can be manipulated, controlled, and instructed via voice-of-god technology, which is utilised here at Mecka to ensure that the results we require, are the results thats are achieved.

The structure of our Mecka soldiers ensures that all data, experiences, field reports, and information, is immediately transferred and stored on our servers via Mecka-Tek. The engineering involved in all of our productions also ensures that any attempt to remove the neurological implant, or to access the data or drives on any of our machines, will instantly result in self-destruction. This secures and guarantees protection of the information and data collected. The failsafe also ensures that any lingering data is wiped entirely upon attempted retrieval from outside Mecka HQ or Mecka-Tek linked units.

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