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Mecka Aircraft

We wish not to display our entire array of fighter aircraft, however, detailed below is a look at our new fighter aircraft, known as Gladius.

The Mecka Gladius

The Mecka Gladius delivers exceptional flexibility and efficiency. It carries up to 8 bombs, 6 missiles, and a cannon. Through its connection to Mecka HQ, it is capable of supporting missile in-flight updates and bomb in-flight targeting.

The Mecka Gladius has a robust, Mecka-Tek engineered agile framework, designed in such a way that it can be upgraded as and when required as our technology continues to grow. Complete with stealth systems, and stealth materials, the Mecka Gladius provides years and years of effective use.

Sensors along with continual support from HQ, other Mecka-Tek models, and other Mecka soldiers within range, ensure that the Gladius delivers optimum combat capability. In close quarters combat, visual range, and beyond, the Gladius is fully equipped to deal with any threat effectively.

Max Speed - Mach 2.0

Thrust - 95kN

Length - 17.46m

Max Altitude - 55,000ft

Wingspan - 12.15m


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