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Libra 1 . 11 . 7 . 137

Libra Anarkand Trading Card
Libra Anarkand Trading Card


Series 1

Set 11

Set Number 7

Overall Card Number 137

  1. If any other Zodiac card is on the table, then you may roll a six-sided die when any of your stats are required to be used. Add the number from this roll to the relevant stat.

  2. You will roll a 1d6 for every zodiac card on the table, as long as at the time they are under your control. an example would be: There are 6 zodiac cards on the table including the Libra above. Only the Libra card and 3 other zodiacs are under your control at this time. In this instance, you will roll 3d6 and add the total of those rolls to the relevant stat. So if you rolled to determine your FOR and proceeded to roll a 4, 6, and then a 1, your 3d6 total would therefore be 11. If there are no other effects or bonuses on the table then we assume Libra has a FOR of 2 ( as shown above ) 2 + 11 would give Libra, for this turn only, a FOR of 13.

  3. If this card is played in any adjacent space to the Scorpio zodiac card, then this card will automatically receive +1 to all stats.

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