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Kahn Hunter 1 . 9 . 5 . 109

Kahn Hunter Anarkand Trading Card
Kahn Hunter Anarkand Trading Card

Kahn Hunter

Series 1

Set 9

Set Number 5

Overall Card Number 109

  1. This card will not attack any other Kahn Hunters, however this does not prevent this card from attacking other Kahns.

  2. You can still counter-attack Kahn Hunters, this is not an issue.

  3. For every Kahn Hunter on the board, whether owned or controlled by you, this card will gain +5 FOR for the remainder of the round, no matter who is in control of the card.

  4. When this card is attacked, you can roll an additional 1d6 and add this to the cards DEF. Every time this card is requested to defend, you will perform this action. This benefit does not apply to your opponent. Only you get this bonus.

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