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Emperor Radamik 1 . 12 . 1 . 143

Emperor Radamik Anarkand Trading Card
Emperor Radamik Anarkand Trading Card

Emperor Radamik

Series 1

Set 12

Set Number 1

Overall Card Number 143

  1. Firstly, you must place this card and instruct your opponent which card you are going to attack.

  2. Emperor Radamik, when played, rolls a D20 for his ATK.

  3. If you are unhappy with the roll you made, for any reason, then you can request a 2nd roll. The 2nd roll is the one in play and used for your ATK, regardless of whether it was a worse roll than the first.

  4. If you do choose a 2nd roll, then your opponent can choose to remove any one card from his Krypt, meaning should you win the match after three rounds, then this card cannot be taken from your opponent.

  5. When your opponent has shown you the card being removed, it will be removed from play completely. Your opponent cannot use the card in any subsequent rounds.

  6. You can choose to roll a third time if the second roll isn't the desired roll, however, this 3rd roll is final, and will be the one used to determine Emperor Radamik's ATK. As with the above, your opponent will show you the card they are removing from the Krypt. You cannot win this card, and it is completely removed from the entire match.

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