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Drah'La'Mun 1 . 9 . 7 . 111

Drah'La'Mun Anarkand Trading Card
Drah'La'Mun Anarkand Trading Card


Series 1

Set Number 9

Set Number 7

Overall Card Number 111

  1. For each Drah'La'Mun card that is on the board, you will gain an additional roll of a 1D10 to determine your FOR.

Example: If this card is countered by another card, then you will roll a 1D10. If you are unhappy with the roll then you may make another roll, as long as there is another Drah'La'Mun card on the board, regardless of whether it is controlled or owned by you or not. You may make further 1D10 rolls equal to the number of Drah'La'Mun cards on the board.

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