Doctor Barisic - An Update

Today, the administration for the president of the United States has launched an attack of unprecedented proportions on the global network that we as Compass Engineers have established over the last 30 years by choosing to unseal many of the charges against Compass Engineer Doctor Barisic. These relate to 24 so-called Espionage Act charges carrying 245 years in prison.

The charges against Doctor Barisic directly relate to disclosures of war crimes and human rights abuses by the US government under the instruction of a shadowy group that have recently been uncovered, calling themselves the Arkitects. We have known of their presence for more than five decades, however we did not expect them to resort to the sort of tactics now employed, using the Potus as a vehicle.

The Arkitect-led US Department of Justice indictment states that "Barisic and others shared the objective to further the mission of Compass, as an "Artificial intelligence agency dedicated to the weaponizing of technology and, what they call. Manmachine.” The indictment in question seeks to cripple the ability of Compass Engineers to accomplish technological advancements in lieu of agreements made with the Trenz Foundation in the UK and Italy.

The Department of Justice wants to imprison Doctor Barisic in order to make a statement. They seek his imprisonment on the basis of crimes that he “allegedly” committed whilst outside of the United States. This extraterritorial application of US law is explicit throughout the indictment ("in an offense begun and committed outside of the jurisdiction of any particular state or district of the United States"), thereby classifying any territory in the world as subject to US law.

This is unacceptable. The work of the engineers has always taken place on our own native soil, and our operations have no place in the United States. Our operations, whilst privately conducted, away from the public, do still carry public interest at heart, and those operations have spanned three countries, namely – United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany.

In response to the unprecedented espionage charges filed against Doctor Miko Barisic today, our founder has this message: "This is the evil of existential differences of opinion. This is fundamentally wrong and is nothing but pure lawlessness. With the indictment, the 'leader of the free world' has chosen to interfere in the business conduct, and business operations of a non-US organisation on the basis that one of our members visited his country for a short two week stay. This was vocational, and not vocational.

There is no right way to express my disgust at the blatant extraterritorial assault outside his country borders, where he feels compelled to attack the very basic principles of freedom and democracy in Europe and the rest of the world."