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3rd Generation Humecha - Empathy core module

We have successfully concluded the additional empathy implementation within the Gen3 Humecha models. Detailed analysis confirms a zero fault rate amongst 100% of the subjects where implementation was completed.

Timo Virus - Containment

After the accidental creation of the Timo Virus in 2015, in which we were finalising the basis for cancer immunisation, and cancer treatment vaccinations, we have managed to isolate the key components of the virus' more hostile make up. We have contained the immediate, and long-term threat that is posed by the virus, and are currently studying its behaviours, to determine a further course of action.

Timo Virus - Intelligence

The Timo virus has displayed exceptional resistance to heat, cold, and electro-shock. However, as we began conducting such experiments, we discovered a new ability that the virus is demonstrating. It has shown, quite remarkabley, a form of instinctive, threat-based intelligence.

It is capable of expectation, by this we refer to the fact that before heat was applied, the virus would drop its core temperature in order to deal with the incoming threat. In the case of cold, it resorted to the opposite.

It appears the virus is adaptive; learning and developing with each and every test we conduct. These results are fascinating.

Sentinel Battery Cell

The Sentinel technology has allowed us to develop additional variants in batteries, and charge packs. We are finding new and innovative ways to increase the uses of the technology itself. When we began the project, our intention was simply to replace lithium-ion, alkaline, and other old world batteries, and battery packs.

We achieved those goals fairly quickly, and in doing so, developed replacements that have "always-on" properties. Thus the batteries never run out, never need replaced, and never need charged. Sentinel technology powers these small form products.

However, we aim to develop batteries and generators that are big enough to power homes, hospitals, military tech, planes, ships, and much more.

As it stands, our first ever AA size battery, developed with Sentinel at its core, is still powering one of our small k9 remote controllers, 22 years after its inception. It has not required replacement, nor has it suffered from any elemental damage.

Cancer Vaccinations - Complete

The Trenz Huelsbeck cancer immunisation and treatment vaccinations will be rolled out over the course of the next 5-10 years. These vaccines have been developed to boost the body's immune system to fight cancer. There are two vaccinations, one is a preventative innoculation which prevents cancer cells from developing. The secondary vaccine is designed to destroy any cancer cells currently in the body, and stop a tumor from growing or spreading.

Antigens in the body will be removed. This is accomplished via nano sized Sentinel particles that reside within the white blood cells of the patient. These white blood cells will target and destroy any cancer cells within the body.


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