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Chalydna Larva 1 . 9 . 9 . 113

Chalydna Larva Anarkand Trading Card
Chalydna Larva Anarkand Trading Card

Chalydna Larva

Series 1

Set Number 9

Set Number 9

Overall Card Number 113

  1. You can, at any time during the round, sacrifice this card, by turning it face down in the position it was. The card is now considered under the control of your opponent for the remainder of the round and will count towards their total performance for the round.

  2. However, the benefits of this card are yours from this point forward. The card when faced down, automatically grants points 3 and 4 to all of your cards on the board, and ALL cards that you will place on the board from this point forward.

  3. All cards you control over the round will gain +1 FOR

  4. All cards you play in this round will gain +2 poison ATK.

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