Behind The Logo ( part 1 )

The Anarkand Logo:

When I designed the Anarkand logo, I wanted something that was visually striking, and immediately apparent as to the content that would be contained within. I chose the text style Constantine regular and incorporated our sun in front of the Anarkand planet, which is distinctly purple.

Why a purple planet? Read the books to find out! What I will say is that the colour purple is predominently associated as the colour of healing. Secondly, I knew the main context of the logo would be white on black and wanted this to be framed top and bottom, but with a strip of black in between both lines as representation of my surname, this however has changed as you can see above.

The purple planet is a representation of the world called Anarkand, and due to its elliptical orbit around our sun, I decided to place our star in front of it. The text font used is Constantin regular, with a slight touch up to make it appear a little more modern and crisp. I hope you agree that the font and solar iconography is as striking as it is immediately identifiable.

The MK Black Logo:

I opted to continue the purple parallel lines for the MK Black logo so as to ensure continuity across the brand I have created. There are two variants of the above logo, one with the purple parallel lines, and the other without. There are times where the framed parallel logo is called upon to distinguish from other localised graphics within pages, media, graphics, and videos, however when there is no such demand for the purple, then I will always revert to the standard black background and white font.

The font used is Constantin regular with a crisp focus and some sharp improvements, designed to give a more modern feel. With this new crisper font, the logo itself will be highly adaptable across the many mediums that it will be showcased.

The icon was chosen from a freely available image, and has some tiny changes applied in relation to clarity and boldness. The icon itself is given to represent myself ( MK Black ) and my daughter ( Lianara ) who is the most important person in the world to me. The Anarkand story is a legacy I wish to build and leave for her, whilst demonstrating to her that by following your dreams and serving your minds purpose, you can achieve all that you set out to do, whilst ensuring that you benefit the lives of others.

This is accomplished by donating 10% of all profits from each book sale to relevant charity partners that are related to the works produced. There are many stories in the world, some of hardship and pain, others from mere circumstance, but at the end of the life cycle, our mindfulness of others, or lack there-of, will weigh heavily on us, and forge some of our greatest regrets. This is my lesson for Lianara.

Do what you love, whilst helping those less fortunate, and you will live a life that is wholesome.

Many thanks dear reader,

Much love to you and yours,

MK Black.

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