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Are you truly free inside yourself?

1. Are you being true to yourself in your actions?

Being human is a difficult experience, but being human and acting differently to who you truly are is exceptionally burdening on your mind. It is hard work to pretend to be someone you are not. Leave the acting to the actors of the world. We have only one opportunity in this life cycle to be ourselves, and we must embrace that.

The world, and the experience of life whilst here, is not given to us simply for us to be the same as someone else. Of course in the finite possibilities that the world presents to us, we will have similarities, be it in beliefs, hobbies, interests, and more. However the true version of you should never be hidden away. Embrace who you are and reveal yourself to the world. You deserve to be who you are, and the rest of us deserve to discover that person as he / she grows.

2. Are you happy with your physical shell?

​ Your body is the most important home you will ever have. Internally it has the necessary functions for you to live and breathe in this world, and to experience the environment given to us, in many different ways. Your inner self is housed here until the end of this life cycle, and it is precious to all of us. If you aren't happy physically, then a change needs to be made. Remember if you aren't feeling outwardly / physically good, then this will affect you inwardly, and thus prevent you both consciously and subconsciously from enjoying this life to the fullest.

3. Do you often allow others judgements to affect you?

The nature of the human is changing, and in this latest era of the human mind and body, we have become a society of judgemental fools, who have an opinion on everything and everyone. You are no doubt guilty too, none of us can escape it, but ask yourself, do you allow the judgements of others to shape how you live your life? Do you dress, speak, or conduct yourself upon the judgements of others? We will always be judged, that much is clear, but only our own opinions and judgements allow us to be free.

4. Are you living to please yourself?

If you are giving your life-force to others, then you are stifling yourself, be it in mind and spirit. Your life is to be lived firstly, for you and your legacy, and secondly, to ensure you grow to the fullest potential. You are not here solely to please other people.

5. Do you have people around you to support you?

As human beings, we are all prone to sufferings of many kinds. Disease, or dis-ease, has a way of getting us all and we all need someone to lean on. If you don't, then seek out support. If you haven't already, please look into the MK Black Foundation. Join my website as a member. The more people we have here, the greater the community we can build that will support one another the way humans should have evolved to do.

"You are not here solely to please other people"

6. Do you look forward to starting your day when you awaken?

​ Life is difficult, and its many demands on us can be physically, and mentally draining. If you find yourself struggling more often than you don't upon waking from the dreamworld, then it is time to make a significant change in your world.

7. Are you surrounded by those who empower you?

​ It is important for all of us on this journey to build strong social circles of positive, energy-giving people. Too many of the world's inhabitants are ready to pounce on us in our darkest moments, and feed off our energy. It is not uncommon to surround yourself with negative people who are willing to throw you under the bus to give themselves a temporary boost. Find yourself an empowering circle. You will be better for it.

8. Are you still living on past glories, or the nostalgia of better times?

Our past is often what has led us to our present moment, yet we nearly always look at the past as a far greater time period in our lives. This is an incredible falsehood that often leads us on a path to despair. We are not here to live in the past. We are here to create new pasts, new legacies, and new adventures.

9. Are you living a healthy life?

​ In the hustle and bustle of the world, a lot of us can forget the most important thing - self-care. We need to look after ourselves in order to help ourselves accomplish. The clearer we are in mind and body, the better our chance of channeling our true purpose.

10. Do you understand your life's purpose, or what your legacy will be?

It can take many years for our purpose to reveal itself to us. We need to be ready; fully prepared, in order to undertake the purpose for which has been sent to us. We all have a purpose. Some are simply here to feed, and others are here to elevate and illuminate.

With love, always,

Stephen Purdon


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