Website revamp

Having received feedback regarding the website from over 1200 reviewers around the world, I have carried out the necessary changes and revamped the entire website. The changes are detailed below and incorporate many of the feedback scores that were given to me collectively.

Firstly the homepage, this was collectively dscored as quite intense, striking, and overflowing with information, which overwhelmed the user. I have addressed this, creating a more sleek look and providing more information to the user, however, packaged very differently. The homepage now incorporates the trailer, a few choice words from Jack Kellerman ( a story character ), and features a carousel-style slide that displays each of the books with links, about section, and imaging.

The website colour scheme has changed from white on black to black on white, and is a crisper design detail, which I agree, creates a slicker feeling and easier navigational experience. The news, videos, music, and MK Black sections / pages have been updated and utilise this new style. Layout has been optimised for desktop, laptop, and mobile phone. The previous issues with ipad loading times, and / or ipad display problems, are now fully rectified.

New Additions


This was the biggest concern amongst reviewer feedback, and was absolutely imperative to address. I have added a new page for newcomers to the series. This sets out the book types, order of reading, and explains the episodic nature of Anarkand release titles.


This page was added to show a detailed list of all the items that will be added in the first episode of the Anarkand series. Outlined here is the books, soundscapes, and any additional / free content that will be released as part of episode one. This will also be the format used for episode two when it is released.

AGENDA 5 - page.

This page is a repository for any and all free content that is released to accompany the many episodes i have planned. So far, at the time of writing, I have added several images, classified documents, and access to a lore-building computer terminal.

I plan to add even more. The Anarkand story is always evolving, and as such, the information provided on the site will do so also.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this statement.

MK Black

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