Anarkand Roadmap Launched

The Anarkand roadmap has been launched and is another open-book commitment to fans of the Anarkand series, and to those members of the website who are looking for clarity on upcoming events, new features that are to be implemented, and Chronicles announcements.

The roadmap will cover all manner of website improvements as well as new updates to the Arkitects Vault, Compass Engineers Servers, and the Raelon Institute Halo Terminal. Fans can expect to see search new content using a newly added searchbar or by sorting each of the headings that have been added to the roadmap table. The headings and their meaning are as follows:

Feature / Content

This is where the new feature, add-on or new element of content will be displayed.


There are different types of content that I am striving to add to the Anarkand experience. These types are clearly defined, and as at the time of writing this article, the types are as follows:

  • Book

  • Faction

  • Membership

  • Website


Priority levels are assigned to each item on the list categorised in the following ways:

  • High

  • Medium

  • Low


The status confirms where the particular feature is currently sitting. I will strive to work through things as quickly as possible. Please check the status of items frequently for new updates. The status will display the following:

  • TBA - Still in concept stages and is something that could be considered but hasn't been confirmed.

  • In Progress - Currently being worked on

  • Complete - The feature has been added, released or has been completed.

I will soon be adding expected dates to the roadmap although I am unsure when this will be.

Thank you,

MK Black

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