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Anarkand Online Adventure - An announcement

Today I am announcing the Anarkand Adventure Role-playing game - Lunaris! This will be a huge series that is constantly growing, evolving, and developing as people interact with it. This is my initial post regarding the game, and detailed below is just some of what the game will contain. I also explain the premise.

  1. The game will be designed for between 1 - 5 players. This is due to the numbers involved in the game system, the puzzles, and of course the abilities that characters will have. It could be played solo, but I reckon it would be difficult.

  2. The game will be available 24/7 and can be played over and over again. It will be down to the players to determine the true end result of the progress they have made.

  3. The adventure will be released in episodes. Any progress made for characters continues on into each episode.

  4. The game will be best played on desktop pc, laptop, or certain tablets. It is best to play it through a tv or decent-sized monitor so that all players can see the screen, the information, and get involved.

  5. There will be times that mobile phone is used, but more details will follow on that, and of course players will always know in advance what is required before they play.

  6. The game will have various options. This includes whether or not the players wish the game to contain alcohol forfeits and much, much more!

  7. The premise will be simple. Each player will choose a character from the character select screen, then a class. This will be their player character. You must record those details. Printouts can be obtained from the Online Adventure main page.

  8. The game is not simply text-based. The game will be fully voiced ( by yours truly! ) and will contain music, videos, and more.

  9. The fourth wall may be broken...

  10. Your character will develop skills as the game develops, all rules of the game will be explained at the start.

  11. Additional content will be released for free for Anarkand Prime members.

  12. Each release will be a follow up to the previous release. This is important to note. The adventure will have FULL continuity.

  13. Any and all stats, character developments, evolutions etc will carry on each season.

  14. There will be add-ons available in the Anarkand Online store.

I will provide as many updates as possible to the main news section and to the adventure RPG page. Please see those pages to keep up to date with the developments.

As always, thank you so much for the support,

I love you all, stay safe,

Stephen Purdon.


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