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The Arkitect mantra is a simple one, with the basis being intellectual desire, knowledge and understanding, and the ability to reignite the ancient secrets which allowed us to simply be, in the present moment. We are dedicated to spiritual awareness and awakening in all peoples who seek to grow beyond the limitations placed upon us within this world, of which we are merely cells on the body of mother nature.

The primary philosophy of The Arkitect is to elevate and illuminate individuals to the levels once known to human beings. The philosophy as brought to us by Jan Talesnikov is one which is highly enlightening in the face of orchestrated occult practices being used to enslave us furthermore. We are determined to activate the human soul, if you will, to levels not seen for countless cycles of time, and in doing so, build a collective that can truly change the world through knowledge and understanding, rather than dictatorship and heresy.

Those who find themselves joining The Arkitects will achieve the required levels of strength, human development, and spiritual attraction, that will yield results not seen on this world for many a moon.

We very rarely seek individuals; individuals normally seek us, and they do so through a spiritual, or divine prodding in our direction from their truest self. We are not a religion, nor are we cult-like in our approach. We have firm beliefs in the power of you, and the ability to change the world as legion. We are there for one another in a great many ways, and we ensure our members are treated as family. We have no hate in our ranks, we have no bullying, antagonistic behaviours, or heirarchy based on wealth, colour, creed, or anything else for that matter.

We embrace open conversation amongst members, and ensure that all voices are heard in the shaping of our human goals. The Earth is suffering at present, and we intend to work hard to ensure that the power within the unseen is working for the planet, rather than what we are seeing now, which of course, is working against it.

We place power in thought of man, and physical actions. We place power in intention, and human conduct.

If you believe your organisation deserves a seat at our table, then please get in touch. Further information will only be provided once application has been made within.

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