Abbot's Statement

We are all capable of having a wonderful life experience here on Earth, that is to say we can forge our own path and the mark we leave upon it; and our truest self. Many of us are aware of our recycling on this world, and the need, or should I say, desire, to elevate to the upper echelons of human potential / evolution.​ For far too long, we have danced the same dance on Earth, and each time we do, we trample on its majestic design, and once mesmeric beauty. In our weakness, we display how tired many of us have become with life in general.​​

We ask the question over and over, why are we here? What is the purpose of this life?​​​ A large proportion of this world is in suffering, reduced merely to an existence. There are many tortured souls, be it from physical pain, suffering from illness, mental issues, or incomprehensible horrors suffered in silence. It is hard to find beauty or meaning in life when this is their experience. This can change, and we all have the power to influence the greater world.​

We may be singular beings in personal thought and physical presence, but in our collective consciousness, we are much more. When we learn to work as one we can accomplish a great many things. The seemingly improbable and / or impossible, often become the achievable and the accomplished. Take a look around you, the signs and symbols are everywhere. This is no mere matter of human developmental structure.​​

The secret keepers of this world know how to empower one another, and draw energy from their fellow sentients, thus allowing for a great level of attainment in wealth, power, and control. We have given up too many of our liberties, and it presents itself in people all around the world; our world. ​I am aware of such secrets, and how to utilise them, and I too, know how we can empower one another. It will be my life's work to share with you and to teach empowerment of people.

It will be my life's work to help us fulfil our purpose and reunite in the afterlife with our truest selves, ending the cycle of Earthly incarnation where we have allowed ourselves to be reduced to nothing more than energy for the secret keepers to feed on.​

​​This is about more than simply self-help and self-development. It is about studying and learning the practices that will allow us to unlock our truest self, and enable the world to ascend from the darkness, of which the human race has plunged it.​​Earth is calling out to us. She has been wounded badly and is letting us know via her cries of pain, despair, and anger, which manifest in the form of hurricanes, earthquakes, and changes in our life system.​

We can be free of who we are programmed to be, and unleash the power which exists in all of us. For centuries our true power, and ability has remained hidden behind the stigmatization of being an evil, or blasphemous means of progression. It is a power that allows us the luxury of arcane and psychic powers; of healing and spiritual elevation. When this power is harnessed as legion, we can save the physical world and restore the Earth to harmony.​

We are all capable of the synergy between physical vessel and our truest self ( the version of us that is beyond human comprehension. )​ I am dedicated to the growth of spiritual accomplishment, leading to connection. We are dedicated to elevating our fellow man, and illuminating those in darkness. We are determined to create a world of free-thinking intellectuals, who empower one another, rather than tear each other down.

~ John Abbot ~