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10 Rules to live your life by

1. Every second of the gift of life should be cherished. Even in our darkest moments, we have the scope to learn, love, grow, and experience the physical plane of Earth. We should always aspire to do more; be more, and accomplish that which our deepest, inner-self, wants, and demands of us.

Too many of us choose to simply exist. That is the first change that has to be made. We are here to live, not passively observe.

2. We must have empathy, care, and love for all of Earth's creations. What we put out there into the world is a choice. If we project love and kindness, it will breed more of the same.

3. We must always strive to elevate and illuminate others, and ensure our continued growth as a collective. Leave no-one behind.

4. As members of the human race, we are entrusted to empower one another at all times and encourage development. Support is key to success! Doing so will ensure individual and collective achievement.

5. You are responsible for the conscious creations you incarnate on Earth. We must ensure that our bourne consciousness is given the tools needed to evolve beyond the Earth. This is achieved by love, empathy, care, attention, nurturing, and empowering with the energies of light and dark.

6. We need to continue to work together for the greater good of all mankind, but we must first focus on ourselves and our families. By doing so, we create a solid base from which to build from.

7. We must leave the Earth in a better way than we found it. It sounds clichéd, but nevertheless it is true. Our evolutionary growth must continue. Future generations are counting on us, as we counted on those who came before us.

8. Live your life on the assumption that there is another life after this one, and that your actions here in this lifetime, will directly impact the next one. The pain you inflict on others will be reflected in the next. The chaos and destruction you bring to this world and others will be to the detriment of your next incarnation.

9. We must not fear the dark. We should embrace it as much as the light. This keeps us grounded and ensures that we have an understanding of all that has been given to us in this world.

10. Look after your body. Physical care and attention not only makes you feel and look better, but it is highly important for the mind. Our connectedness suffers if we do not look after our spiritual or physical health.

With Love,

Stephen Purdon


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