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Inspirations in life: ​His father William, and his daughter Lianara.


​Last Updated: April 25th, 2022 Original Published Date May 15, 2021


  Who is Stephen Purdon?

  Stephen Purdon is a Scottish-born author, psychologist in-training, and philosopher who begun writing and forging the path for the Anarkand Experience in 2019. He is best known for his episodic works on the Anarkand Story.

  Early Life

  Stephen was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on September 22nd 1984. As a child, he was fascinated by the potential of worlds beyond the Earth, in cosmology, and in learning as many new things as possible with regard to ancient mysteries and occultic practices. 

​​   At about eight years of age, his father took him to the local library and encouraged him to look at the mystery section, whereby he chose a book about the Nazca lines. This book opened up an unending thirst for knowledge and understanding. This thirst has never been quenched, and to this day, he continues to learn and study the world around him. He began to see things more clearly, eventually surpassing those whose idealogies set the stage for esoteric learning and occultic practices in the beginning.

​   By the age of 12 he had begun his journey into computers and technology and found himself to be more at home sitting in front of a small screen day and night, discovering cool new things, and uncovering a few he perhaps shouldn't have. In school, he was considered very introverted and bookish, yet his teachers always claimed he hid his smarts behind foolish behaviour, a claim he agrees with and states was something he did to try and fit in.


  At age 16, in 2000, Stephen accepted a position at Compaq Computers and begun working his way through many different I.T hardware and software programs, gaining an excellent foundation which he built upon years later.

When the acquisition of Compaq Computers by Hewlett Packard took effect, Stephen left the company to explore further I.T training and achieved no less than 5 further qualifications as well as being awarded a Microsoft Global Merit award in 2004 for a worldwide network configuration change.​

​   In 2014, he attained a life coaching qualification alongside mystery school awards, all of which he looks back on as a darker period of his studies into the unknown, believeing they taught dated concepts, false belief systems, and lies. The only mystery in these schools, he believed, were how they could peddle such trash to those intrigued in learning the occult. 

​   Stephen also completed a business studies course, as well as tv production and graphics, and sound engineering course at college before turning his eye back to the wonders of the world and the experiences he had as a child. It was time for him to build a better future based on what he had learned from the hidden world.​

  In 2018, Stephen took a decision to remove himself from the mainstream world to focus on teaching others about themselves and how to manipulate and control the human emotion engine, declaring that the majority of people on Earth are being controlled and dictated to by their own minds and body, rather than their truest selves taking control of them.​ He is currently working towards a masters degree in Forensic Psychology.

​  The Anarkand Experience ​ ​  


  Using his technological mind, Stephen began creating games, Stephen realised, albeit a lot longer than he should have, that these stories deserved a greater audience, a global one, and so he begun the arduous task of planning and writing for such an audience.


  The Anarkand story takes many real-world concepts and fits them into the occultic uncoverings of Stephen's research and communications from when he was younger. The future will be written and the works will peak for themselves. There is a hidden hand operating in the world around us and the Anarkand story tells much about it. The series will be released in an episodic manner with the first season being released in 2023.




​ ​ Personal Life ​​ ​  


  Stephen has never married. The furthest he ventured was an engagement in 2011 to his long-term partner at the time. He has a daughter who he has raised on his own as a single father and credits her with keeping him firmly grounded.


  Non-profit Work ​​ ​


  The future cornerstone of Stephen's work will centre around the many initiatives of the charity he aims to launch in the next few years. These include the #humanbeinghuman initiative, the loneliness support network and single parent support hub. His Modus Operandi would be to educate people on how to take back control of their mind and body and use them to better themselves in the greater world whilst helping those who have succumbed to the false economical constructs of geographical laws.


  Too many people suffer from homelessness in a world full of abundance. We have the tools, the space, and the resources. Too many talented and creative people do not have the funds, friends, or connections to share their abilities with the rest of us, despite the advancements in technology. Stephen's main aim is to connect these people with one another, and establish a huge non-corporate machine of imagination, creativity, and global change.


  He is driven to find the very best in creative talents and intellect, as well as problem-solvers, in order to develop a system that protects the integrity of the human race. He believes it is important for strong foundations to be laid for platforms to be built upon, that allows this connectedness to accomplish great things.