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 Astro-no-more continued...

   Astronomers were quick to point out that Kellerman's theories are just that, theories, which offer little to no substance. Amateur astronomers who historically supported the work of Kellerman, have been turning their backs on him in recent weeks, suggesting that his claims have no empirical data to sufficiently enforce his beliefs that another world, half the size of Earth, is on a collision course with our home world. 

  Paula Jenkins, an aerodynamic operations engineer at NASA, also states similarly when asked about Kellerman's exceptional claims.

  "Jack Kellerman seems to be occupied with feelings of grandeur, of dreamy desires, and of wanton belief in fantastical concepts, as opposed to scientific fact. There is no known threat to the Earth from either within our solar system, or outwith it, at least not anything we consider out of the ordinary scope of understanding. If another world was on a collision course with us, I assure you, we would have been aware of it years ago."

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