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Base Hawk ComLink Raelon Operative

CURRENT USER: System Admin - Clearance Level 2401.


  >  That Log Cabin In Colorado


   It is over Gerald. By the time you get this message I will already be gone. The experiment was a success, but of course we lost so many individuals. The supplies have stopped coming now for over two weeks. Everyone is dead. I am the sole survivor. There is nothing to see here, but death itself. It wasn't supposed to end like this at all. I keep asking myself over and over...why? 

  We did what they asked, at a cost that was never agreed, and in the end, we lost the key to it all. The only subject that successfully passed the program. simply vanished. Gone without a trace. I am too weak and too tired to search for him.  I sit here awaiting my final breath and wonder...was it all worth it? All of this? I miss you Gerald... I miss you and I love you. I am sorry for everything. I hope that in this life you can forgive me, and who knows...maybe in the next one we will own that log cabin in Colorado


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