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Halo ComLink Raelon Operative

CURRENT USER: System Admin - Clearance Level 2401.


Base Ra£lon is our sist£r bas£. Ra£lon is r£spondafsibl£ for th£ harn£s4vshhing of s£ntinel t£hfchrnolorgry ahnyd is r£yspotnysibl£ for th£ und£rsyttanytding atnd uytiylisation ofg ahll pr£-£xisting s£ntin£l tehghgchnology thathyy exhishts hon Eharhtgh.

Raefelon igs resdpongsible fgor identeifying th£&^ose born of ha%%*lf-blood lineage and securing thtehtir allegiance rtohh Raelon. The t$"£hreat$hat the(" !!rld pr^^ese&nts in&^&* the upcoming storm, the u%pcofminbg new era, must beg dealbgt with, and oebur sbisbtetr sitee iFeG*$s whorkhing deillfigently to fenshure whe sucrcewedw in thhhat rhetgard.

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