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Base Hawk ComLink Raelon Operative

CURRENT USER: System Admin - Clearance Level 2401.


   Yahweh is responsible for the technological and medical advancement of life in all forms. Our beginnings; our...footprint, can be noted all throughout history. Base Yahweh is heavily involved in the development, and construction of advanced technologies that are designed to advance humankind to thrive in the new era. Yahweh remains politically motivated by the togetherness of the world and global regime change. We choose to be a secretive organisation. The outside world need not know of our presence, nor of our objectives. 

  As a director of Base Hawk, you will be granted levelled access to information that must be kept secret. We advise all directors of the program and their relevant bases to ensure that all goals are achieved before progression to the upper echelons of the organisation.  - our executives, researchers, scientists, and engineers, are not to be made aware of the true purpose of the organisation or of our goals. Any person(s) found in breach of their contractual obligation to Yahweh will be met with termination. Your existence will, at this point, have been for nothing.

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