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Anarkand Prime

Has Arrived!

Basic Membership

- Free to everyone -

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  • Full Member Profile

  • Free Access to the Anarkand Vault

  • Early access to excerpts


Member Levels

What is Prime Membership?

`Prime membership is there for those fans who wish to support the author a little further, and who wish to gain a few added perks for doing so. Each member pays a monthly fee of £3.49 ( $4.46 US ). Paid memberships are not compulsory and never will be. There is absolutely no way that I will ever lock Anarkand content behind a paywall. The fans are at the forefront of everything I do and of course I want all of you to feel valued in that sense. I have but one lifetime, and financial gain is not my biggest or main concern. I aim only to live comfortably and help others in the process. All I can do is work hard at Anarkand and continue to bolster the available content on the website and more. Whichever membership level you choose, and that includes the free version, I will always be grateful. Time is our biggest currency, and the fact you have spent some on my Anarkand story, is humbling, heart-warming, and truly empowering. May I take this time to thank you. I love you all. - MK Black

The Prime Membership badge

The Prime membership badge is given to members. When you choose a Prime membership level, you will be awarded the relevant badge. This displays your member status within the entirety of the website and is visible throughout all interactions on, from discussion boards, to forums, videos, and various other areas.

What is the purpose of membership?

I aim to write the Anarkand story in real-time, formed via a coalition of fan data and information, of which real world readers are hugely important. Memberships are the biggest way I can give back to those who purchase my books and empower the story.


Raelon Halo terminal

The Halo terminal is an area of the website that grants access to unique tasks, discussions, real world events, relevant data, secret documents and more. The Halo terminal is updated monthly. Your name will appear as a supporter on the terminal.

Name appears in video credits

From time to time, MK Black will release video content onto the website and via Youtube. Your name will appear in the credits of every video produced, providing you hold a prime membership at the time of the video being produced.

Early access to excerpts

You will be given early access to all excerpts that MK Black is planning to release before anyone else. The excerpt will usually be released to you up to 4 months before any official release date.

Author AMA priority

Whilst AMA, and Q&A sessions will always be open to all, there will be occassions where time constraints etc may come into play. In these cases, questions will be prioritised for prime members.

Voting rights

MK Black wants to involve fans in as much of the Anarkand Experience as he can. With voting rights, you will be able to vote in upcoming polls, character chronicles, story arcs, and so much more. There will also be website motions such as group rules, group elections, moderation status, rules of engagement, and secret items that I won't spoil here.

Chance of moderator role

Dependent on numbers, it may well be the case that there are too many moderators. If this is the case then a vote will take place. Mods are responsible for forums, member behaviour, appropriate content, blog comments, and more.

Author influence

Anarkand fans will always be the most important thing to me, and for that reason I am open to influence from Patreon supporters and Prime members, to a degree of course. Influence is applicable to chronicles releases, character choices, and directional changes in the overall story itself. These are not guaranteed but will be taken on board.

Anarkand Prime Badge

The Anarkand Prime badge will appear on your profile, account settings, blog posts and likes, in groups, and on other comment driven areas of the site such as forums. The badges may take up to 24 hours to appear on your profile and posts, so please be patient.

Private Forum Chat

If you choose a Prime membership you will automaticaly gain access to a private forum between Prime members.


How do I join as a member?

Joining as a member is easy. You can create a new account using the login button at the top right of the site and from there use the dropdown menu to access your personal profile and start customising. It is free and easy, and allows you to connect with the community and access a plethora of information about Anarkand and the story. For those of you who wish to support the author further and benefit from a few added perks, you can do so by choosing a Prime membership.

Why isn't my badge displaying?

Please allow up to 24 hours for your badge to display and take effect. Normally the badge will appear within the first half an hour of a purchase, but the above is a recommended guideline.

Can't get access to classified information

Classified information is usually available immediately. Please refresh your browser and try again. As a guideline please allow up to 30 minutes for classified access, if you still don't have access then please get in touch immediately and I will rectify the issue.

Cancel my membership

You can cancel your membership subscription via your account. No further payments will be taken from the day of cancellation, however you will still have access to all benefits for as long as your payment has covered you.

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