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Anarkand Episode 1: Confirmed release content.

book types and Extras

Main Books

The main books of the Anarkand story can be read as standalone titles and are released in phases. These are the books that shape the overall story of the Anarkand universe and need to be read in order.

Chronicles Books

Chronicles are added books released as part of a wider phase and are designed to add additional lore to the overall story of Anarkand. Chronicles focus on people, places, historical events and more.

Free Extras

The Extras section of the website is there to provide additonal content to enhance the readers knowledge of the world of Anarkand and the story i am developing. This content is 100% free to access.

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Anarkand Origins Main Book

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  C.A.R.N researcher and founder Jack Kellerman has uncovered a large planetary object on a collision course with Earth and tries to warn humankind of its coming. Despite providing evidence to confirm his discovery, the scientific community refuses to acknowledge the impending threat.

  Jack's determination to alert the world leads him to unravel the secrets of a 2300 year cycle of destruction into which a global conflict exists between different groups who know of this objects existence, and of its intensions.


  What becomes clear to Jack as he unearths the truth, is just how deep this conflict goes. A war is on for humanity; Anarkand is coming; the Earth, however, is unprepared.

Remi Ackington Chronicles

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Remi Ackington has spent most of his life learning about the world around him, determined to make it a better place. He is considered to be one of the foremost authorities on spiritual health and wellbeing. Despite helping millions of people worldwide with his self-help books, and betterment events, he himself, battles against a debilitating addiction which shows no sign of letting him go.

In order to beat his demons, Remi must revisit the night his life changed and discover the truth about what is to come.

Calvin Proctor Chronicles

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Calvin Proctor had been fast-tracked in just nine years to one of the highest positions in the Australian Police Force. It was quite unprecedented, and took many by surprise. During those years he has been plagued by a serial killer who the media have named, The Caretaker.

After a large number of seemingly unconnected and random deaths which The Caretaker takes responsibility for, Calvin is given an invitation by the killer himself. The chase looks like it will be over soon, but Calvin's story is really just about to begin.

Alana Stensaas Chronicles

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One of the worlds foremost Geneticists and micro-biologists, Alana Stensass, finds herself with a job offer that she simply can't refuse. The worlds largest and most recognised institution in micro-biology, genetics, The Trenz-Huelsbeck Foundation, has an opening just for her, and it is everything she has ever dreamed of.


However, just a few days into her new position, she discovers the true nature of the job she has undertaken, and the cost to human life. Looking to down tools and escape from the foundation, she soon learns that the only way out of her current predicament, will cost her everything she's ever worked for. 

Kayla Smith Chronicles

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Little Kayla Smith grew up in a loving home in the south of Ireland with her two sisters and mother. She loved her upbringing but understood as she got older that it was different to most of her friends.


Her mother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when Kayla was three years old and suffered delusions about the government spying on her family, tapping the phones, and tracking the families every move. She spoke of the watchers, men and women who blended into the environment around them who she was convinced were watching...waiting.


Now an adult, Kayla is plagued with the memories of her mother and the life of torment she was forced to endure, however, after a random encounter with a stranger, Kayla's memories take on a whole new meaning, and her life is suddenly changed forever.

Free Extras added in this episode:

  • Compass Welcome Letter

  • Arkitects Welcome Letter

  • Raelon Welcome Letter

  • Member search feature

  • Raelon Computer Terminal Access

  • Desktop wallpapers

  • Classified images and documents

  • Anarkand Soundscapes Volume 1

Anarkand SoundScapes Volume 1.png

MK Black has produced and released the first volume of Anarkand Soundscapes. This is the perfect tone-setter for the Anarkand series and is available to stream and download for free under the Free extras header here on

The soundscapes album contains 10 tracks, downloadable in an mp3 zip file.

The album has a runtime of 46:51

You can stream or download the album from the following link:

Anarkand Soundscapes Volume One